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Porcelain and Seashell bracelet

Costume Earrings

Lightweitght earrings that will be perfect for your casual or elegant look

Gypsy earrings

Gypsy Earrings

Three-layered handmade gypsy earrings that will be perfect for your look.

Sone and seashell hoop earrings

Hoop Earrings

Unique handmade hoop earrings that will show off your unique style.

Silver dog laser cut engraved wooden earrings

Laser-cut Earrings

Trendsetting laser cut earrings in a variety of designs.

Leather leaf-shaped earrings

Leather Earrings

Comfortable and lightweight unique handcrafted leather earrings.

Beaded Porcelain and Seashell earrings

Stone & Seashell

Unique and one of a kind Stone and Seashell earring designs.


Wooden Beads

Comfortable handmade earrings that will be perfect for your casual or elegant look. Variety of designs available.

Wooden heart earrings

Wooden Earrings

Variety ranging from wood, wooden beads, seashell, and stone mediums used to create the perfect look for you.

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